Loddon Mallee Local Aboriginal Networks and Gathering Places

Find a Local Aboriginal Network or Gathering Place in the Loddon Mallee region of Victoria, including Swan Hill, Mildura and Bendigo.

Local Aboriginal Networks (LANs) bring Aboriginal people together to set priorities, develop community plans and improve social connection. 

Gathering Places are community owned and operated places that provide opportunities for social connection and hosting of services. 

Swan Hill, Marawarpina (Robinvale) or Mildura (Yuranga) 

To find out more about LANs and gathering places in Swan Hill or Mildura, contact Kelly Lehmann:

Kelly Lehmann, Local Aboriginal Network contact for Swan Hill and Mildura
Kelly Lehmann

Hear from Yuranga members 

LAN members and Mildura council members talk about why LANs are important. 

‘The key to the LANs success is about self-determination. It’s about putting Aboriginal business in Aboriginal hands.’ Thelma Chilly

Bendigo, Kerang and Echuca 

To find out more about LANs and Gathering Places in these areas, contact Krystal Henderson:

Krystal Henderson, Local Aboriginal Network contact for Bendigo, Kerang, Echuca
Krystal Henderson

Shepparton, Seymour and Kyabram 

To find out more about LANs and Gathering Places in these areas, contact Josh Atkinson:

Josh Atkinson, Local Aboriginal Network Contact for Shepparton, Seymour, Kyabram
Josh Atkinson

Dirrawarra (Wangaratta), Wodonga and Gadhaba (Mansfield) 

To find out more about LANs and Gathering Places in these areas, contact Darren Moffitt:

Darren Moffitt, Local Aboriginal Network contact for Dirrawarra (Wangaratta), Wodonga, Gadhaba (Mansfield) 
Darren Moffitt

What the Dirrawarra LAN has achieved 

‘I think about a lot of projects and steering committees that have come from that network. And how it brings everyone together with an authority to do stuff.’ Mark Cottee 

Marmungun Rock 

The Dirrawarra network created the Bullawah Cultural Trail in partnership with the City of Wangaratta. It celebrates and shares how a local tribe has lived historically, to the present day. The Marmungun Rock is an important part of the Bullawah Cultural Trail. 

Burraja Cultural Centre, Wodonga 

Burraja trains Aboriginal people in traditional knowledge skills and tourism. It is supported by an executive committee which is working towards Burraja becoming a full time business. 

Burraja runs: 

  • programs for local schools
  • cultural knowledge programs for landcare, local government agencies and private business  

Find out more about the Burraja Cultural Centre.

Reviewed 23 September 2019

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