Strong Roots for Our Futures Program: Peer Assessors Panel

The Peer Assessors Panel is responsible for assessing applications for small and large projects.

About the Peer Assessors Panel

The Peer Assessors Panel comprises Traditional Owners from each of the following regions of Victoria:

  • Mid North West
  • Central North 
  • North East
  • Far East Gippsland

Peer assessors independently assess applications to the program for small projects and large projects.

In September 2020, the Strong Roots Program held the first meeting of the inaugural Peer Assessors Panel online. It was a great meeting and confirmed that we have an excellent panel with broad and extensive knowledge and experience in our 6 inaugural panellists. The panel is meeting regularly to discuss the program and prepare for assessment of applications.

Pilot review

We are reviewing the pilot Peer Assessor Panel and process. In the meantime, we continue to welcome Expressions of Interest from Traditional Owners of the Far East Gippsland, North East, Central North and Mid North West regions and will consider these at this review time. This is an opportunity to expand the panel with any new panellists. 

Submit an expression of interest

Traditional Owners from the regions can submit an expression of interest (EOI) to be a part of the Peer Assessors Panel. The EOI asks applicants for the following information:

  • Who’s your mob and where do you live?
  • What’s your age group?
  • Why would you like to be a peer assessor and what would you bring to the assessment process?
  • What is your experience and knowledge in one or more Program outcomes of healing, culture and Country, governance, young people, relationships and formal recognition?
  • What is your experience in planning and implementing meetings or projects?

You can complete the form below, or download the pdf and send the completed pdf form to

Expression of Interest form - Peer Asessors Panel


Information provided to Aboriginal Victoria in Program applications will be used to assist Aboriginal Victoria to assess eligibility and suitability for the Program and to prepare funding agreements.

Any personal information that is provided will be handled in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) and other applicable laws. Aboriginal Victoria, its officers, employees, agents and sub-contractors may use and disclose any of the information provided with the application to Victorian Government departments or agencies, Victorian Government bodies, non-government organisations and/or the Commonwealth, states or territories for any purpose in connection with the administration of the Program.

The Department is using the services of Drupal 8 to administer this form. The information that you provide is stored in our Drupal 8 content management system and Amazon Web Services servers. For more information on the Department’s handling of any personal information, please refer to the Department’s Privacy Statement. If you do not provide all or part of the information requested, the Department may not be able to contact you regarding your enquiry. Please contact the Department of Premier and Cabinet if you wish to use an alternative mechanism to the online form.

Assessing expressions of interest

The EOI will be assessed against the program principles and the following assessment criteria:

Skills and experience

Understanding and expertise in one or more program outcomes:

  • healing
  • governance
  • young people
  • Culture and Country
  • building relationships
  • formal recognition

Experience in planning and implementing meetings or projects

Diversity of assessors

  • 2-5 assessors for each region
  • gender balance
  • mix of people of different age groups

The program team will make recommendations to the Executive Director of Aboriginal Victoria who will make the final decision to appoint Traditional Owners to the Peer Assessors Panel.

The panel will be formed for 6 months and then reviewed. Traditional Owners can be on the panel for consecutive years.

Role of peer assessors

Assessment of project applications

Peer assessors will be selected from the panel to independently assess applications to the program for small projects and large projects. A minimum of 2 peer assessors will assess each project.

Peer Assessors will not assess projects related to their region or where they have a conflict of interest.

Comments and recommendations

Peer assessors will review project applications against the assessment criteria and will provide comments and recommendations to the program team. These will be provided to the Executive Director of Aboriginal Victoria for final decision about program support.

Payment for assessing applications

Peer assessors will be paid per application. Payments are based on the number of applications and assessment time per application.

  • Small project applications will take between 1-2 hours to complete and will be paid at $100 per application.
  • Large project applications will take between 2-3 hours to assess and will be paid at $200 per application.

Privacy and information management

The names of the Peer Assessors Panel and the peer assessors for individual application assessments will not be disclosed.

The peer assessors must not disclose any information related to the project application.

More information

Download the program fact sheet:

Reviewed 30 April 2021

Aboriginal Victoria

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