Traditional Owner facilitation skills workshop

Essential skills for facilitating meetings and working in groups, tailored for Victorian Traditional Owners.

Who's eligible

Are you:

  • Involved in Traditional Owner business?
  • Already on a board or negotiation team? Ready to step up and get more involved?
  • Wanting to learn new skills to facilitate meetings and help groups work well? 

Benefits for you

This 3-day facilitation skills workshop is tailored to Victorian Traditional Owners and provides essential skills for facilitating:

  • board meetings
  • community meetings
  • negotiation teams
  • stakeholder workshops
  • staff meetings
  • family meetings
  • everyday conversations

These facilitation skills can assist groups to talk through issues, make decisions and work well together.

What does the workshop cover?

  • understanding what happens to us in groups
  • essential principles of facilitation
  • micro skills for facilitation - self-awareness, listening, validating, normalising, summarising, noticing and naming, wondering, sitting with ‘hot’ situations
  • preparing for meetings
  • gathering the wisdom of the group
  • dealing with conflict and other ‘hot’ situations
  • collaborative decision making
  • self-care

Training approach

The training:

  • Builds on the knowledge and skills of Traditional Owner participants.
  • Provides opportunities for Traditional Owners to network and learn from each other.
  • Is interactive and provides lots of opportunities to practice skills and debrief.
  • Asks Traditional Owners to share their stories to they can workshop challenges.


Training runs each year.


  • Thornbury, Melbourne
  • regional Victoria, various locations


Training is fully funded by the Right People for Country program.

Aboriginal Victoria covers all workshop costs including accommodation, meals and training for participants.

Travel is reimbursed for public transport or petrol costs once receipts are provided.

Eligibility and time commitment 

Nominations are open to Victorian Traditional Owners and 18 places are available.

If more nominations are received than places, priority is given to Traditional Owners currently involved in or getting ready for Right People for Country agreement making projects.

To get the best out of the workshop, participants need to attend the full 3 days.

Right People for Country program encourages:

  • 2 or more Traditional Owners from a group
  • Traditional Owners from a range of Traditional Owner groups
  • Gender balance
  • Participants who are experienced in Traditional Owner business as well as younger participants who are seeking to step up and get more involved.

How to apply

We will update this page when we are taking nominations for our next training workshop. If you would like to be notified of upcoming workshops, you can contact Lucy De Kretser to register your interest.



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Reviewed 23 September 2019

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