First Peoples - State Relations

The First Peoples – State Relations Group is a newly established group within the Department of Premier and Cabinet, responsible for nation leading work in the areas of cultural rights, self-determination, treaty and truth – an extensive program of priority work with First Peoples

We recognise Victoria’s First Peoples as the self-determining drivers of Aboriginal affairs in Victoria. We are committed to building ongoing, just and respectful relationships between self-determining First Peoples and the State as a priority focus.

The Group is also committed to promoting Aboriginal leadership and this is reflected in the group’s executive team. Our new and innovative ways of working are made possible by the strategic leadership of our Aboriginal leaders.

The group’s key workstreams include:

Cultural Rights

Working with First Peoples on cultural heritage management and protection in ways which recognise the leading role of strong and engaged Traditional Owners as the holders of cultural rights.


Driving whole of government strategic policy and reform that recognises that as we move along the continuum of self-determination, Aboriginal affairs is driven not by government, but by:

  • self-determining Aboriginal communities
  • Traditional Owner Groups
  • Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations


Leading treaty negotiations with the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria on behalf of the State and driving whole of government engagement with the treaty process.


State engagement in and response to the historic Yoo-rrook Justice Commission and its inquiry into historic and ongoing injustices committed against Aboriginal Victorians since colonisation, across all areas of social, political and economic life.

Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council

We provide secretariat support for the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council through the Office of the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council. The Office supports Council to fulfil its independent statutory functions to achieve its functions under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006.

Statement of Expectations

Statements of Expectations (SOE) document a responsible Minister's expectations on the performance of a Regulator.

The following SOE for Aboriginal Victoria, is provided in support of the Victorian Government's Regulation Reform Program commitment to reduce red tape and improve regulatory practices.

The SOE outlines opportunities for improvements and identifies targets required of Aboriginal Victoria during the period 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2020.

Our Minister

The Hon Gabrielle Williams

Minister for Aboriginal Affairs

Reviewed 12 April 2021

Aboriginal Victoria

Contact us

First Peoples – State Relations GPO 4912, Melbourne, VIC 3001

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